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Happy birthday- was happy to see this- great to hear what you've been up to for the past year. I've been among the curious and I'm so happy to hear you've had fulfilling time that has had so much emotional growth. Really proud of you and all the work you've been doing on your writing!

Aaron Murphy

As I was scrolling through facebook I noticed a name I had not seen in a long time of a person who I had not seen in god knows how long. Your stand-up at The Punchline after you graduated that comedy class is still to date one of my favorites (professional or not). And it isn't because you were second to last which gave me more time for drinks (though that probably helped).

Glad you are doing well and allowing positivity to take a bigger place in your life.

Happy birthday brother :)

Christopher Dever

Wow, great read. Thanks for sharing so much of your life over the past year(s). It's encouraging to hear from someone else on the journey seeking to find and be found. God bless bro.

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